Follow the Instinct of your BLISS. Rediscover Who You Are

We grow up believing , its not OK to pursue happiness, that pursuing security and being practical is more important. In fact happiness, bliss, is the only true goal. Since bliss is our true nature, we cannot help but pursue it. Unfortunately our attempts are misguided. We race to find a sweetheart, we accumulate great stores of financial wealth, we climb the ladder of celebrity, we reach for a higher social standing, or we even follow a spiritual path.

We forget that OUR BLISS IS RIGHT HERE WITH US NOW. We believe that bliss can be achieved by having things. As a result of racing so hard, seeking those fantasies that we imagine will bring us bliss, we FORGET the magic of everything around us. The faster we speed up our activities to achieve happiness, the more we lose ourselves in the past or the future, grasping for what is not here. As we pursue this race to nowhere, we grow estranged from our natural feeling of bliss.

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