Polyamory: The Theory and the Reality

Polyamory is like nuclear fission. In theory, it’s the most avant guarde concept…. split a nucleus and create an incredible amount of energy. If only we could harness this energy, we’d have a power far greater than any energy source known to mankind!

In practice, nuclear fission rips the structure of the universe and creates large quantities of radioactive waste, the ramifications of which are far greater and irreparable for the planet than the benefit of energy gained.

So basically what I am attempting to illustrate in my comparison of polyamory to nuclear fission? Polyamory is a concept that is very appealing to the higher mind. (The higher dimensions of angelic love are very polyamorous). Yet when the theory is applied to the current state of what exists here in the physical dimension, it creates mixed results — some of it resembling radioactive waste!

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