Three Creatures: The Child, The Adult and The Timeless one

I am visiting my sister in the beautiful San Francisco Bay area. While here I have learned to recognize 3 types of beings within the sphere of Humanity: 1) Children, 2) Adults and 3) The Timeless. Here’s are some characteristics that I have noted about each of these three very distinct creatures:

Children – These are the simplest yet the most advanced beings. They are literally on the cutting edge of a burgeoning consciousness. In fact, they are such masters at following the flow that they don’t even need to think about it. They just do it. To them, it comes naturally, like an unfolding ball of magic. They are more articulate in non-verbal communication.

Adults – These are the most complicated of the three groups. For Adults, there are two internal worlds. The first could be described as “a memory” and the latter as “a work in progress prototype” that they are trying to retro fit into that memory. Confused? Let me explain. Adults USED to know what being a kid felt like. But then they were taught “how things CAN be in the future”. So they get a mental image of “future can be” and unwittingly project this vision onto their collective inner/outer backdrop. So… they jump into the future from the present in attempts to make their way back into the past. The Child Phase. They are seemingly more articulate in verbal communication.

The Timeless – These are adults who have been successful in making the jump back into the mold of the child category. They are the most complex of the lot. They live in a childlike wonder and yet carry the mental tools and precision of adults. But most adults see them as “fools”. Although those with a trained eye can see past their innocent and unassuming exterior. They seem to articulate best with a special blend of both verbal and non verbal means.

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P.S. Delightfully soaking in half a papaya and the sun with my nieces!

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Master this one thing to bring back the honeymoon phase

It’s probably one of the top three questions I get asked: “How do I jazz up a loveless romance?”

We’ve all felt the butterflies and the undeniable chemistry of a new love. You remember when you made the doves weep a little? And yet, you have ended up in a place where the level of sizzle is laughable.

Fret no more, my dear bliss enthusiast. The Bliss Doctor has both the cause and the solution to your love maladies. Actually, it’s far from complicated. There is one very simple reason why passion goes passé. It is called expectation.

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How to Flirt Without Flirting

Flirting without flirting is actually easier than you think. It took me quite a bit of time, though, to learn how to flirt, and I was hearing the metaphorical sounds of “krash kaboom” echoing after every attempt.

If you are an introvert or simply come from a “shy” country, the process that we call flirting goes as follows: identifying a gorgeous creature of the opposite sex (or same 🙂 ) and then succeeding in the gargantuan task of attracting their attention, letting them know you are interested, and having it lead to affirmative action – in other words, with you or him making the first move. (In some cases, we are lucky to have wingmen/women who break the ice.)

I had my breakthrough many years ago. Being really tired after my day of work, I didn’t have the energy to go out, but my well-intentioned friends convinced me it was an absolute must.

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