A good woman


A good woman is one who has learned to control her reactions
She is someone who doesn’t react in situations
Always calm, loving and docile
She is the picture of self-control, self-sacrifice and peace!

Scratch that!

A good woman is one who is authentic.
She is in touch with her emotions
When she sees a grave injustice towards herself or others she is powerful enough to protect her tribe.
She is not fettered by what others think of her.
She is loving, without letting people walk all over her.

Through her eyes, she sees the world.
Through her body, she senses the world.
Through her heart, she feels the world.
With every authentic reaction… she heals the world.

Let’s re-think our suppressions
Let’s re-claim our power
Let’s re-write the rules of engagement.
Let’s be unafraid to be ourselves.


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