How to become a magnet for love and affection

This one is super simple. Do it like the magnet does it. Why does the magnet have such pull that all the iron in the world is irresistibly drawn to it? It’s filled itself with charge.

Basically you have to magnetize yourself. Your body is nothing but a big happy magnet. And like all magnets, it needs to be charged!

So, how do we charge the body magnet? The simple answer: Self Love! Give yourself the super-duper obey gooey love that you deserve and want. And then watch the world irresistibly fluffing you up with the same love – men, women, dogs, cats and butterflies included!

3 tips on how to charge your body magnet:

  1. Start off with a light foot! Wake up everyday and feel into yourself. How magnificent and brilliant you are. I know that sometimes we wake up and feel like crap. On those days, there ain’t nothing cool about us, eh? But that’s when you get to challenge yourself 😉 and find that spark of superbrillamaze that you are!
  2. Give yourself a massage. Touch produces oxytocin. Any gestures of self-love will release a sense of care towards yourself. This makes us feel safe and cared for, by the person who can do that best, do it consistently, and do it whenever needed. YOU!
  3. Ritualize self-care. This is where it starts getting sexy. Even in simple things like taking a shower, really look at your body. Love it. Caress it. Lather soap on it gently. Feel it and love it. Giving love to the body is what it’s all about. The body just loves to get love, and when it gets it, it lights up like a Christmas tree. (Oh yeah! If you’re a man reading – it applies to you too. Get on it! 😉

Give it a shot!

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  1. Ruben
    Ruben says:

    I really like, when you give that power to simply things, you retourn us, the way to love each thnig, can not be more natural because your words are a present from the univers , thank you


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