A good woman


A good woman is one who has learned to control her reactions
She is someone who doesn’t react in situations
Always calm, loving and docile
She is the picture of self-control, self-sacrifice and peace!

Scratch that!

A good woman is one who is authentic.
She is in touch with her emotions
When she sees a grave injustice towards herself or others she is powerful enough to protect her tribe.
She is not fettered by what others think of her.
She is loving, without letting people walk all over her.

Through her eyes, she sees the world.
Through her body, she senses the world.
Through her heart, she feels the world.
With every authentic reaction… she heals the world.

Let’s re-think our suppressions
Let’s re-claim our power
Let’s re-write the rules of engagement.
Let’s be unafraid to be ourselves.


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12 Commitments of a Empowered Woman

Being a truly empowered woman in these times requires a whole lotta guts and gusto. Also absolutely necessary: a deep commitment to loving yourself, your body and your life. In my experience, there are a few principles to follow that that keep us sensitive to love, power and beauty and truly fit for the goddesses we are deep down!

A few things I would love to share with you:

Practicing any or all of these rules will guarantee a significant spike in your “magnetism, mojo and charisma” – so handle with care!

1.      Dare to BE yourself- It is the only way for empowered women to be. Being yourself can be hard because in our past we have shown our true selves and this exposure has hurt us. Most of us store these memories of hurt and never learn to let go of them. These memories tend to remain in our body’s cellular memory and play as unconscious loops in our life.

2.      Now that we’ve talked about the effects that emotional pain has on our bodies, let’s discuss how we can take steps to re-set this unconsciously held pain. In my experience the fastest way to do is with movement and a little “drama”. No! Not that kind of drama. There is a way to go into places where the pain resides and move the pain, acknowledge it, and then release the pain so that it simply receives the attention it needs to “naturally” release itself. This process is accomplished in my step by step course, Happy Sexy Confident. We learn how to reset the body by using movement to talk to the sub-conscious mind.

3.      WORSHIP your body. The body is your shrine and holds all your powers. The brain keeps us sharp and intelligent, the heart keeps us in touch with empathy, and your sex power is keeping you buzzing and alive. The way to worship your body is “self-care”. But not just any kind of self-care. You have to really find the kind of love your soul deeply desires and then have the courage to “Act on that Instinct”. Often times this can push boundaries, which in my opinion is ALWAYS healthy.

4.      SING & DANCE – Move to the beat of your body as if you have your own cosmic DJ playing your favorite tracks to an audience of 1 – you!

5.      IMMERSE yourself in nature. We are nature and to be empowered you must return to nature to seek inspiration, guidance and healing. Eat foods in their natural raw form, use products that are all natural. USE nature to BE nature. Your natural self is your most amazing self.

6.      NEVER HOLD BACK feelings; respect your emotions. If you are angry, the world around you probably needs some discipline. If you are sad and vulnerable, through your emotions you soften your environment and bring healing love.

7.      DON’T JUDGE yourself. Be selfish in a positive way where your needs are concerned! You are free to be as sexy, as passionate, as crazy, as strong, as vulnerable, or whatever else YOU want to be! And you hold yourself accountable – no one else does that for you.

8.      SURRENDER. This is one of my power techniques: When in doubt – LET IT GO. If you don’t know the answer, let go of the question and the answer will arise. Nothing is worth holding onto if it gets in the way of your love and fun.

9.      PLAY! Schedule time to go out and play. Pick people in your life who are true playmates and enjoy playing as much as you do.

10.  UNDERSTAND THE PARADOX that is you: The nature of the empowered woman is to master her reality so (s)he realizes (s)he is everything – the good, the naughty, the strong, the vulnerable, the forgiver, the enforcer, the lover, the discipliner- the whole shebang

11.  FOLLOW YOUR BLISS INSTINCT. When the paradoxes are confusing, allow the bliss sensations in your body to guide you to the aspect of you, which is the MOST effective in every moment. Ask yourself: does it feel good to be soft and gentle or strong and fierce in this moment? Let the sensations decide your actions – not the mind!

12.  There are things we can to do to build a solid foundation of personal power and self-love. In the “HAPPY. SEXY. CONFIDENT.” course we DO THEM.


Come join us, dear goddess! Learn more about Happy Sexy Confident.

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The simple attitude change that changes everything in relationships

“It seems like the established, cool men who also have substance are attracted to much younger women,” expressed my very empowered, go-getter, female client in her late thirties. She had put herself out there and the world had received her well, but there was one area of her life where she could not crack the code: love!

This is such a hot topic. On a superficial level at least, this definitely seems like a scientifically observed phenomenon. I sent the Bliss Doctor (my trusted inner detective) to look under the hood of the car, and I’m back with some interesting downloads that will bust these myths.

First, I qualify myself. I myself have been in a relationship for the last three and a half years with what I consider a dashingly delicious, well-established, mature heartthrob. When I asked him why he chose me as a partner, he gave me two reasons. “Firstly, you have your shit together, and secondly, you actually are a woman, like a real woman.”

Sounds like romantic niceties and pillow talk, yeah? But that’s not his style, so I knew there was more to what he meant. I probed him a little deeper about what that really means, and I was totally surprised by his response.

So the translation of “You have your shit together” in man-language is: “You are an empowered woman. When you see an issue or weakness in yourself, in our domestic affair, or even myself, you step in and do what you need to, to uplift the vibe. You don’t take things personally.”

He said he feels better around women whose emotions don’t run rampant, but who are able to consciously guide things back on track when they’ve gone awry.

As for the “real woman” translation, I braced myself to find that it meant: “Babe, I love that you are not afraid of your femininity and vulnerability – especially when it comes to your sexuality. You are comfortable showing your devotion to me, and our life together, and that’s a real turn-on.”

Boom! (Phewf! Part of me was afraid he was going to pat my back for going out there and conquering the world, as that was the definition of a real woman I had gotten used to.)

What I’ve realized with many of my clients is that they are such women of power, and they want to be able to be a “power couple” with a man. However, for many modern women, and not just my clients, their own masculine energy is so well established because there’s been the expectation (and maybe also desire) for them to go out and conquer the world. What does that mean? Well, for my particular client it meant that when she met a man she really liked … nothing happened. Why? Because he didn’t feel she needed his masculine energy as she already had so much of her own.

Thus, on the surface level, it would look as though he was going for younger girls, but in reality, he (and men like him) was seeking the soft, surrendered, juicy female vibe to act as an opposite pole to his masculine energy. He needed this in order to create that incredible magnetic attraction that we call chemistry.

And that’s the whole rub of this scenario. Chemistry and magnetism are unconscious processes – laws of physics, even – but they are often taken personally. In fact, they are so scientific that they can be studied in a petri dish by the Bliss Doctor. Joking aside, it is a well-known fact that certain elements (like hormones) within our physical systems will create a chemical reaction, and others simply don’t activate anything upon meeting another person.

Let me explain:

  1. Physically, a man with healthy levels of hormones will be activated by the opposite. So, regardless of age, if a woman is able to be soft and feminine in an authentic way, she will also make the man feel those magnetic waves. And now we get to the tough part.
  1. Why do we (as women) lose touch with our feminine vulnerability? Why are we not able to be devoted? The quick answer: We are afraid of the “ouchie.” In the past, it’s hurt us like hell, so we shut our vulnerability down. Although well intentioned, feminists haven’t really helped us in this department. We were told our über-independence will be a turn-on. And it is, when it comes to career and social image. But those potent vibes are like a high tide; they drown out his waves, leaving him feeling disempowered. Truth: A disempowered man is NEVER aroused. You may amaze him, but you’ll fail to arouse him. So where does that leave us?
  1. Like I said, don’t take it personally. It’s not about you and who you are. You are an empowered goddess, there is no doubt about it. But a slightly different strategy is needed to MANifest the results you deserve.
  1. Lastly, and most importantly, we live in an AND-world. It is definitely possible to have BOTH, and be powerful and vulnerable at the same time. It’s just about learning how to navigate with mastery. One way to do that is to learn how to use your body and its sensations to turn on the empowered vibes when they’re needed, and then skillfully transform them into soft, juicy and luscious vibes when those are needed instead.

I am here to help  – sign up for the FREE webinar to find out more.

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How to Flirt Without Flirting

Flirting without flirting is actually easier than you think. It took me quite a bit of time, though, to learn how to flirt, and I was hearing the metaphorical sounds of “krash kaboom” echoing after every attempt.

If you are an introvert or simply come from a “shy” country, the process that we call flirting goes as follows: identifying a gorgeous creature of the opposite sex (or same 🙂 ) and then succeeding in the gargantuan task of attracting their attention, letting them know you are interested, and having it lead to affirmative action – in other words, with you or him making the first move. (In some cases, we are lucky to have wingmen/women who break the ice.)

I had my breakthrough many years ago. Being really tired after my day of work, I didn’t have the energy to go out, but my well-intentioned friends convinced me it was an absolute must.

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Follow the Instinct of your BLISS. Rediscover Who You Are

We grow up believing , its not OK to pursue happiness, that pursuing security and being practical is more important. In fact happiness, bliss, is the only true goal. Since bliss is our true nature, we cannot help but pursue it. Unfortunately our attempts are misguided. We race to find a sweetheart, we accumulate great stores of financial wealth, we climb the ladder of celebrity, we reach for a higher social standing, or we even follow a spiritual path.

We forget that OUR BLISS IS RIGHT HERE WITH US NOW. We believe that bliss can be achieved by having things. As a result of racing so hard, seeking those fantasies that we imagine will bring us bliss, we FORGET the magic of everything around us. The faster we speed up our activities to achieve happiness, the more we lose ourselves in the past or the future, grasping for what is not here. As we pursue this race to nowhere, we grow estranged from our natural feeling of bliss.

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