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How to Flirt Without Flirting

Flirting without flirting is actually easier than you think. It took me quite a bit of time, though, to learn how to flirt, and I was hearing the metaphorical sounds of “krash kaboom” echoing after every attempt.

If you are an introvert or simply come from a “shy” country, the process that we call flirting goes as follows: identifying a gorgeous creature of the opposite sex (or same 🙂 ) and then succeeding in the gargantuan task of attracting their attention, letting them know you are interested, and having it lead to affirmative action – in other words, with you or him making the first move. (In some cases, we are lucky to have wingmen/women who break the ice.)

I had my breakthrough many years ago. Being really tired after my day of work, I didn’t have the energy to go out, but my well-intentioned friends convinced me it was an absolute must.

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