A good woman


A good woman is one who has learned to control her reactions
She is someone who doesn’t react in situations
Always calm, loving and docile
She is the picture of self-control, self-sacrifice and peace!

Scratch that!

A good woman is one who is authentic.
She is in touch with her emotions
When she sees a grave injustice towards herself or others she is powerful enough to protect her tribe.
She is not fettered by what others think of her.
She is loving, without letting people walk all over her.

Through her eyes, she sees the world.
Through her body, she senses the world.
Through her heart, she feels the world.
With every authentic reaction… she heals the world.

Let’s re-think our suppressions
Let’s re-claim our power
Let’s re-write the rules of engagement.
Let’s be unafraid to be ourselves.


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12 Commitments of a Empowered Woman

Being a truly empowered woman in these times requires a whole lotta guts and gusto. Also absolutely necessary: a deep commitment to loving yourself, your body and your life. In my experience, there are a few principles to follow that that keep us sensitive to love, power and beauty and truly fit for the goddesses we are deep down!

A few things I would love to share with you:

Practicing any or all of these rules will guarantee a significant spike in your “magnetism, mojo and charisma” – so handle with care!

1.      Dare to BE yourself- It is the only way for empowered women to be. Being yourself can be hard because in our past we have shown our true selves and this exposure has hurt us. Most of us store these memories of hurt and never learn to let go of them. These memories tend to remain in our body’s cellular memory and play as unconscious loops in our life.

2.      Now that we’ve talked about the effects that emotional pain has on our bodies, let’s discuss how we can take steps to re-set this unconsciously held pain. In my experience the fastest way to do is with movement and a little “drama”. No! Not that kind of drama. There is a way to go into places where the pain resides and move the pain, acknowledge it, and then release the pain so that it simply receives the attention it needs to “naturally” release itself. This process is accomplished in my step by step course, Happy Sexy Confident. We learn how to reset the body by using movement to talk to the sub-conscious mind.

3.      WORSHIP your body. The body is your shrine and holds all your powers. The brain keeps us sharp and intelligent, the heart keeps us in touch with empathy, and your sex power is keeping you buzzing and alive. The way to worship your body is “self-care”. But not just any kind of self-care. You have to really find the kind of love your soul deeply desires and then have the courage to “Act on that Instinct”. Often times this can push boundaries, which in my opinion is ALWAYS healthy.

4.      SING & DANCE – Move to the beat of your body as if you have your own cosmic DJ playing your favorite tracks to an audience of 1 – you!

5.      IMMERSE yourself in nature. We are nature and to be empowered you must return to nature to seek inspiration, guidance and healing. Eat foods in their natural raw form, use products that are all natural. USE nature to BE nature. Your natural self is your most amazing self.

6.      NEVER HOLD BACK feelings; respect your emotions. If you are angry, the world around you probably needs some discipline. If you are sad and vulnerable, through your emotions you soften your environment and bring healing love.

7.      DON’T JUDGE yourself. Be selfish in a positive way where your needs are concerned! You are free to be as sexy, as passionate, as crazy, as strong, as vulnerable, or whatever else YOU want to be! And you hold yourself accountable – no one else does that for you.

8.      SURRENDER. This is one of my power techniques: When in doubt – LET IT GO. If you don’t know the answer, let go of the question and the answer will arise. Nothing is worth holding onto if it gets in the way of your love and fun.

9.      PLAY! Schedule time to go out and play. Pick people in your life who are true playmates and enjoy playing as much as you do.

10.  UNDERSTAND THE PARADOX that is you: The nature of the empowered woman is to master her reality so (s)he realizes (s)he is everything – the good, the naughty, the strong, the vulnerable, the forgiver, the enforcer, the lover, the discipliner- the whole shebang

11.  FOLLOW YOUR BLISS INSTINCT. When the paradoxes are confusing, allow the bliss sensations in your body to guide you to the aspect of you, which is the MOST effective in every moment. Ask yourself: does it feel good to be soft and gentle or strong and fierce in this moment? Let the sensations decide your actions – not the mind!

12.  There are things we can to do to build a solid foundation of personal power and self-love. In the “HAPPY. SEXY. CONFIDENT.” course we DO THEM.


Come join us, dear goddess! Learn more about Happy Sexy Confident.


How to become a magnet for love and affection

This one is super simple. Do it like the magnet does it. Why does the magnet have such pull that all the iron in the world is irresistibly drawn to it? It’s filled itself with charge.

Basically you have to magnetize yourself. Your body is nothing but a big happy magnet. And like all magnets, it needs to be charged!

So, how do we charge the body magnet? The simple answer: Self Love! Give yourself the super-duper obey gooey love that you deserve and want. And then watch the world irresistibly fluffing you up with the same love – men, women, dogs, cats and butterflies included!

3 tips on how to charge your body magnet:

  1. Start off with a light foot! Wake up everyday and feel into yourself. How magnificent and brilliant you are. I know that sometimes we wake up and feel like crap. On those days, there ain’t nothing cool about us, eh? But that’s when you get to challenge yourself 😉 and find that spark of superbrillamaze that you are!
  2. Give yourself a massage. Touch produces oxytocin. Any gestures of self-love will release a sense of care towards yourself. This makes us feel safe and cared for, by the person who can do that best, do it consistently, and do it whenever needed. YOU!
  3. Ritualize self-care. This is where it starts getting sexy. Even in simple things like taking a shower, really look at your body. Love it. Caress it. Lather soap on it gently. Feel it and love it. Giving love to the body is what it’s all about. The body just loves to get love, and when it gets it, it lights up like a Christmas tree. (Oh yeah! If you’re a man reading – it applies to you too. Get on it! 😉

Give it a shot!